What Colour Carpet Hides Dirt Best?

Have you ever noticed how some carpets look cleaner longer than others? While some carpet show every speck of dirt, even after you’ve just vacuumed it. 

When you choose the right colours that hide dirt, cleaning is a breeze, and you’ll spend less time taking care of it. Carpet experts recommend to save you money and time with a carpet colour that handles a lot of foot traffic without looking mucky straight away.

How do we determine what carpet colour is best for your home or business? First, we should mention that it’s not an easy task to choose a carpet colour because, like all most interior design research, many ideas can keep you bogged down for many hours.

While we want to enjoy easy and on-trend stylish living, even when you’re not vacuuming every day, it’s essential to recognise that dirt and staining are different when keeping carpet clean. For example, carpet that hides stains well may be poor at hiding the dusty mess that is dirt.

Bright Colours in Shades of Orange, Red and Yellow

While bright coloured carpet adds a little flair to a room, they are poor at hiding dirt. Along with this, they also fade easily. 

If you choose to use a bright coloured carpet, a regular vacuuming routine must occur; otherwise, it will constantly look dirty.

We understand that some people want shades of orange, red and yellow regardless of their flaws; if this is you, we recommend choosing patterned multicolour or speckled carpet in these colours. Choosing a busier type of flooring is often used in hotel lobbies because they’re high-traffic zones and prone to dirt and dust.

Shades of Light Green & Brown, Pink & Rose 

While they are often popular colours of carpet used in homes, they are mediocre performers when it comes to showing dirt. While you can go several days without vacuuming these shades without them looking dirty, it may require you to get someone in to dry clean it to restore its colour.

Shades of pink and rose are notorious for showing every stain and speck of dirt, so unless you are committed to spending a lot of time looking after it, you are best to choose a darker colour.

Darker Tones of Green, Blue & Brown

If you love darker colours, it’s good news for you because these tones are excellent at hiding dirt. If dark brown is your colour of choice, you will be happy to learn that it is excellent at hiding mud stains and dust, which is great if you have a busy home with busy little feet and paws.

The fibres in shades of brown, blue and green can be counted on to hide any powders or particles of dust. You can be sure if you haven’t got around to vacuuming and you have surprise visitors, they won’t have a clue.

Making the Right Choice for your Home

It’s essential to take the time to consider what shades of colour suit your home and circumstances. Every person’s needs are different, and if you follow the standard rules regarding colour, you are likely to be most happy with your choice.

For hallways and stairways, which are high traffic zones, dark shades will hide any dirt from these busier areas of the home. Fairer in performance, light greens and browns, and varying tones of pink are not as successful at concealing dirt and are more suited to bedrooms where less time is spent.

We know that some people love bright colours, and we recommend that you choose patterns if this is your choice because otherwise, you will see every dust speck.

Overall, the bottom line is, think carefully about how each room is used before making your final choice because this will help the floors of your home look cleaner than they are when you have missed your vacuuming routine.

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