The colour of your carpet goes a long way towards reflecting the tone of your room, so when choosing a colour, it is essential to consider what is going to work best. Your choice of colour can give your room a cozier or more spacious feel or can feel warmer and cooler with the assistance of any natural lighting that comes from your windows.

Different lighting with the same colour carpet can look very different from one another. To ensure you have the right fit, borrowing samples from us to test in each room can help you find the right look for your home.

Additionally, when seeking the right carpet, consider how the spaces will be used. Is it a peaceful bedroom that is mainly only used for sleeping? A busy living area or playroom with lots of foot traffic? Will your furniture be the centrepiece or will your carpet stand out?

Neutral Colours

Using neutral colours in your home gives you the option to create colour in your rooms with paint and fun furniture. Neutral-toned carpet also allows you to get creative with patterns and textures that work well with light or dark neutral carpet. Apart from these great reasons, neutral-tones can make your small rooms feel more spacious.

Creates Mood

Depending on what you want to use your room for, the mood can be created by your carpet choice. For example, using bright colours are great for entertainment areas or playrooms, which are more active spaces. However, for a bedroom, calmer tones are recommended to encourage rest such as blues, greens and neutrals. Stimulate your rooms and create statements with dark colours in some of your rooms.

Choosing Dark or Light

There are a few considerations when deciding whether your choice of carpet should be in light or dark tones. If you are looking for an intimate feel, warming dark carpet colours are a great choice, but you need to be mindful it doesn’t clash with your furniture or wall paint.

Lighter carpets offer a more open and modern feel to your home; the downfall is that dirt and stains will be more visible.

Making Practical Choices

Sometimes making a carpet choice purely comes down to practicality, particularly when you have an active family and pets. In this case, darker-tones make cleaning easy by showing up coloured lint and debris, while also hiding soiling. 

Lighter tones are more suitable to individuals and childless couples wanting to bring an elegant feel to the home. Any dirt brought from inside can easily be seen and removed.

The Right Fibres and Colours

Different types of fibres contain a variety of colour choices. Nylon has many bold and neutral colours, where wool carpets more commonly come in neutral tones. Solution-dyed nylon carpet has few options.

Considering this information, it’s time to get some samples, test them in your home so you can find the right fit for your spaces and make a confident final decision.

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