Choosing the proper flooring for various rooms in your house can be difficult – what works in one space may not always be suitable for another.

To make it easier for you, our team is here to share a few thoughts with you on how to select the ideal flooring product for each different space at home.

The Living Room

This is the room that the family spends most of their time together, meanings that the flooring demands for this room are increased due to children, pets, food, beverages and other family activities. For these reasons, hard flooring options are very popular in living rooms.

Hybrid, laminate and timber floors are all great choices for areas with heavy traffic because of their superior durability. For instance, hybrid flooring is recognised for its classic aesthetic appeal, its ability to put flair and warmth to a room, as well as its ability to blend in with almost any type of home decor. 

To make your visitors feel warm and cozy at home, finish your living area with a luxurious rug.


Carpet in the bedroom can help you establish a private haven. Since there is less foot traffic and activity in these areas compared to most, homeowners may get away with choosing a softer fabric without worrying too much about tread marks and damage. 

Instead, benefit from unquestionable warmth and comfort of carpets, all of which enable you to create your own tranquil hideaway. These floors can help make your bedroom more comfortable and opulent.


Laminate floors are a fashionable and luxurious option for kitchens that come at a fraction of the cost of other floors. This kind of flooring is designed to imitate the appearance of fine hardwood planks and ceramic tiles and is also made to be resistant against dampness in the kitchen. Spills, heavy traffic, food and drink residues are all addressed by the laminate floor’s water resistance and great durability.

Children’s Bedroom

Who knows what adventure may be waiting for your kid in their bedroom? Hybrids and laminates are great at preventing scratches, water spills, and are easy to clean and maintain. Similar to the living room situation, you can always add a variety of rugs to provide an added touch of cosiness and fun for the kids.

The flooring options mentioned above may all be used for a variety of purposes and are not simply limited to the rooms indicated above. Visit the brand new Silver Trading showroom in Lidcombe to browse a wide range of flooring options, plus get some flooring ideas and tips from our experienced flooring specialists.