If you take the tie to regularly care and protect your carpet, it can look great for a very long time. Read ahead for tips on how to preserve your carpet.

Vacuuming Regularly

  • Vacuum all the carpet in your home or business on a regular and thorough basis, particularly where there is high traffic. This helps prolong the life of it and will keep it looking fantastic.
  • After laying your carpet, the first week should consist of vacuuming frequently yet lightly. From there onwards you should vacuum at least once a week but if you have children or pets more regularly is recommended.
  • For lightly soiled areas, give three vacuum passes. However, for heavily soiled areas between 5 and 7 passes are recommended.
  • If you vacuum against the pile first this will help eliminate and displace any grit and dirt to decrease the possibility of matting.
  • Before completing the vacuuming, take the time to go against the pile for a uniform finish.

Type of Vacuum

  • A quality vacuum is recommended for best results.
  • Microfilter systems in vacuums remove fine particles such as dust mites, and they stay in the bag, which is particularly significant if you are dust sensitive.
  • When vacuuming cut and loop pile or Berber carpet, turn the brush off or change the head to stop excess fuzzing.
  • Check the height of the vacuum beaters and adjust if need be to ensure the carpet isn’t being harmed by disproportionate beating.
  • If you have a high or thick pile, raise the height or reduce the level of suction for easier vacuuming.
  • Half-full bags make suction much more efficient.
  • Dust bags should be emptied or changed regularly. 
  • Filters should be changed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Steam Cleaning

  • Depending on how much foot traffic you have, carpet should generally be professional steam cleaned at least once a year.
  • Professional carpet cleaners are the only people who should undertake steam cleaning. Also, they should be a member of the professional organisation who works by following Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZ 3733:1995.
  • We do not recommend DIY steam cleaning or dry cleaning.

Spot Cleaning

  • So stains don’t penetrate into the fibres, prompt attention to spillages is essential.
  • Drink spills, especially hot drinks, should always be seen to immediately. When liquids set or dry, they are much more difficult to remove.
  • It is essential to be vigilant when doing spot removal of stains because incorrect care can cause permanent damage to the carpet.
  • Follow recommended stain removal steps.
  • Be careful with any chemicals or bleaches because your carpet will experience irreversible discolouration and damage.
  • Godfrey Hirst Spot Out Stain Removal is a non-toxic option for removing stubborn stain but is gentle on the carpet.

How to Protect Your Carpet

  • Place doormats at all your entrances.
  • Chair pads and furniture coasters can alleviate pressure on the carpet.
  • Rugs can protect the carpet in the busier areas of the home.
  • Use windows coverings to protect your carpet from direct sunlight.

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