Haro Laminate Floor Bavarian Beech

HARO over the course of time

The years pass and some things change: The small family business, which was founded by Franz Paul Hamberger in 1866 as a matchstick production plant, sawmill and brickyard, is today Germany’s leading parquet manufacturer. Other things stay the same: After more than 150 years, Hamberger remains a family business to this day, managed by the company owners in the fourth and fifth generations.

Values & visions

This company history crosses an important divide between tradition and future: We continue to focus on classic corporate values such as customer and employee orientation, sustainability and a high level of quality awareness as well as on family values that are rooted in home and region. At the same time we always look to the future. We are driven by modern core values such as innovation, economic success, healthy living and sustainability to shape the future with courage and commitment.

HARO floor coverings

The unique blend of tradition and innovation is also reflected in our HARO branded flooring. We apply cutting-edge production technologies and rely on classic craftsmanship to produce natural floors from the high-quality and sustainable raw material wood – floors that add value to every living environment and transform your house into a home. Our product range includes not only HARO Parquet and the elegant parquet floors in our parkettmanufaktur by HARO range, but also laminate and cork and our DISANO by HARO design floors, our healthy living alternative to traditional PVC floors.

Pioneering ideas for enhanced quality of life and living.

Our primary goal when developing new floors is to create enhanced quality of life within the home. With a keen sense for social trends, we therefore focus on demand-driven innovations that offer distinct added value.

Our floors that are suitable for installation in wet areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are a recent example. Whether laminate, design floor or parquet – the variants of our floors that are suitable for installation in wet areas create a completely new and pleasant feeling underfoot in all living areas where water and splashes can occur.

For discerning free-spirited types, our parkettmanufaktur by HARO creates exclusive, top-class floors, which combine the best of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in one.

In the area of accessible living, we take great care to develop durable products that allow people to live an independent life. And not just as practical living assistance, but also focusing on aesthetic and comfortable living – after all practical features and attractive design are not mutually exclusive for us.

Our head office is situated in Sydney, while the manufacturing , production and development center is based in Shanghai. The Shanghai branch is constantly researching new technological advances for flooring to guarantee the highest technology and most fashionable flooring on the market. Our products are both of the high quality and environmentally friendly and issued with certificates ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Our partnership and relationship with our factories ensures our product supply chain originate only from legally sustainable managed forests.

Our Company strives to supply quality products when it comes to flooring and professional service when it comes to sales. We assure that our products will enhance your lifestyle, creating a bold look, clean air and natural ambiance in your home.


Additional information


Wood type

Bavarian Beech

Surface texture


Installation system

Top Connect

Installation height / series



ID no.


Price €/sm²

Price on enquiry

Dimensions (H x W x L)

8 x 193 x 1282 mm


8 Pieces = 1,98 m² per pack

Package weight

14,08 kg per pack (7,11 kg per m2 )



If your new apartment is just begging to be renovated and you want to take on the job yourself, you can’t go wrong with a laminate floor. Thanks to modern décors, it is hard to tell laminate and parquet apart. From oak* and maple* to chestnut*, laminate adds the natural glow of wood to your floor. This floor covering is particularly tough and easy to care for. Installing laminate floors is also child’s play. With the help of click laminate, you can become a floor-installation professional with little background knowledge.

Our high-quality laminate with the authentic wooden floorboard look not only appears elegant and natural, but is also easy to install. But click laminate should not be installed on a previously laid floor covering. Particularly if you decide to use floating installation, you should remove carpeting before you start work to guarantee an optimal result. Do you live in a rental flat? No problem, because the floor can be removed just as easily as it can be installed.

Our modern laminate floor is even suited for underfloor heating and underfloor cooling. Installation in wet rooms is no problem with the series TRITTY 200 Aqua. Because our click laminate comes with integrated footfall sound insulation as an option, you do not have to do anything else when you install the floor and can look forward to enjoying a truly quiet floor.