Parquet is a high-quality floor covering made from wood. Hardwoods are typically used for processing, frequently oak or beech. But other hardwoods too, such as maple, ash or walnut and even larch, are also possible options. Each wood species offers its own special properties.

The wooden floor has developed to include two main types principally: solid parquet or multi-layer parquet.

  • Solid parquet is the time-honoured way of installing a wooden floor. It consists of one complete piece of wood. Once solid parquet is installed, a couple of finishing touches are still needed, as it is then sanded and sealed on site. In former times, the boards were nailed, screwed or glued down. There was usually no fixed connection between the boards, which can be seen from the gaps between the boards, for example, in old farmhouses. That’s because wood is a living material. Wooden floors react more strongly to temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity. Parquet recedes in winter and tends to swell in summer. These fluctuations are much greater in solid wood flooring.
  • Multi-layer parquet is the modern variant of a floorboard. This type offers many advantages since the floor works much less and the environment is protected thanks to lower resource consumption: A two- or three-layer construction is possible. The visible upper layer is called the wear and tear layer. It is made of choice, high-quality precious wood and according to its generic name must be at least 2.5 millimetres thick. The thicker the top layer, the more often you can sand it down. Beneath this layer is a middle layer and possibly also a third layer, which is generally made from softwood. This improves the stability, especially with a transverse middle layer. This more stable multi-layer construction also allows a click connection to be fitted, which distinguishes today’s easy-to-install parquet floors.

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Oak Sand White

Surface texture


Surface finishes


Installation system

Top Connect

Installation height / series



30 years

ID no.


Price €/sm²

Price on enquiry

Dimensions (H x W x L)

13,5 x 180 x 2200 mm


8 Pieces = 3,17 m² per pack

Package weight

23,20 kg per pack (7,32 kg per m2 )





Haro Engineer Floor Sand White Trend Brushed

The HARO Floor Studio offers you the opportunity to test HARO Floors in different rooms. Choose the room which is soon to be equipped with a new HARO Floor – there is a variety of different room scenes available, ranging from kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, studies and living rooms to children’s rooms. When choosing your floor, HARO Floor Studio helps you step-by-step in making the right choice.

Unique, just like you!
When planning with the HARO Floor Studio you can choose from five different room situations per room category until the one selected comes closest to your current interior design. Of course, besides furniture and interior design, the wall colour plays a crucial role. Therefore, you can adjust the settings to either your current or the desired wall colour.
You have ample choice, with the full range of HARO flooring available to you: From parquet to laminate through to cork floors and naturally also the DISANO design floor as a healthy living alternative to vinyl. Browse through the many different HARO floors and find your favourite. The floor then appears in your interior setting with just a click.
Test how the floor will look when installed lengthwise, crosswise or diagonally, or see the effect of light or dark colours. Try out the rustic or harmonious grades of parquet or the different plank formats in the room. You can try out everything in advance in the HARO floor studio. If you want to try out the selected HARO floor quickly in another room, this is also not a problem: the HARO floor studio “remembers” your chosen floor and “installs” it in the newly selected interior setting. The full-screen option also means that you can use the entire size of your monitor. Or you can zoom in closer to your new dream floor using the three zoom levels.

Compare easily and quickly
Are you wavering between two floors and you cannot decide? Would it be easier if you could see both floors side by side to compare them? This is no problem with the comparing function in our HARO Floor Studio – easy and comfortable to use. Choose your two flooring favourites and see them side by side in your selected room situation. Use the slide control to switch between the two floors (and if you want also between two wall colours) and find your new HARO Floor!

Bookmark, share, print
Once you have decided on your floor/wall colour combination, you can save this selection to your shopping list and try out other floors if you wish. In order to access your selected flooring options later on too, the HARO Floor Studio offers you a link with the “Bookmark Shopping List” button. You can either save this link in your personal bookmarks or also share it with family, relations and friends. The convenient print option means you can get a paper copy of your floor choice. This will show you your chosen HARO floor including the correct name and ID number so you can order your floor from your nearby HARO dealer or HARO professional installer of your choice.

Better planning with HARO CloudTV
With HARO CloudTV, several people on different computers and in different locations can look at the planning together. This opens up completely new possibilities of cooperation, consultation and recommendation
Plan your new HARO Floor together with your HARO professional dealer on site or use HARO CloudTV for a completely new opportunity of visually-enhanced telephone consultation. Or you can use this function to present the combination of your dreams to your friends, relatives or your partner and discuss live with them via chat or phone.
With the HARO CloudTV function, the room view is mirrored to another computer from your computer or tablet. All modifications you make are presented directly on the external device, only without the selection possibilities. This way you can show people how you or they could be living in the near future.
This is the modern way of interior planning! Help each other when choosing the floor, try different variants and get advice from family, friends and relatives.