Bravo Laminate Floor Dune Oak

About Paco Floors

Paco Floors have been supplying premium quality floorings for Australian households and commercial spaces.

Renowned for their sustainable practices and stringently controlled manufacturing process, Paco Floors are dedicated to providing high quality hard flooring products from laminate to hybrid floors and more.

Built with the latest German technology and backed by a lifetime structural guarantee, the Homestead hybrid collection and Bravo laminate collection become widely popular among Australian consumers.


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Bravo products are specifically designed to be laminates with water-proof surface. Because of the high density of wood powder, the water-proof layer on the top and the waxed clicking edge of timbers, Bravo laminates perform better than normal laminates in terms of water proofing. 

Moreover, the size of Bravo laminates makes the whole décor style more luxury. The colour options of Bravo products vary from light grey tone to natural oak colour, from smoking style to gentle creamy one, which provides both functional and aesthetically solution to you.