Lifestyle & Floors – What floor suits me best?

As humans, we are constantly affected by our environment and its colour, texture, brightness and more. For your own utmost comfort, it is vital to choose a floor that suits the look and feel that matches your lifestyle, preferences and other needs.

In this blog, we have listed a range of lifestyles and which flooring option best suits each way of life.


In today’s world, many of us live busy lives, whether it be work, family or more. With long days at work, families to take care of and so many other things to attend to, time-poor households want durable and easily maintained floors that still look amazing.

This makes laminate and hybrid floors an excellent choice as they are both extremely durable and require minimal maintenance. Both options wear well, with little to no scratching with everyday use. While laminate floors are usually the economic choice, hybrid floors are generally more highly water resistant which is hard to go past when little feet and paws are part of your household.

Carpet is a well-loved flooring option that time-poor households tend to avoid due to maintenance fears but fortunately, there are now many hardier and stain-resistant options as well. Speak to our team for recommendations on which option is best for you.


For those always on the go, whether it be walking, running, camping or children running in and out of the home, a strong and easy to manage floor is needed to keep the dirt out. For these households, hybrid floors are a clear winner due to their durability and manageability.

As a rigid, floating floor system, hybrid floors are water resistant and can be installed throughout the whole home. All it needs is a simple sweep, vacuum, or mopping to keep it clean. Its hardiness means it will manage high foot traffic while also being aesthetically pleasing – ticking all the boxes an active family needs.

If ongoing maintenance is not an issue, hardwood timber floors are also a great option as they do not collect dust and are a hardy floor that can last a lifetime.

Living with Allergies

Careful consideration must be done when choosing floors for a family with allergies. Some options such as carpets harbour many allergens such as dust, bacteria, animal fur and other synthetic materials so it is key to select ones that avoid these.

While there are many allergen free carpets nowadays, the team at Silver Trading would recommend timber floors due  the lack of synthetic materials in these boards. Dust, dirt and hair are all easily removable with a quick sweep. However, please be mindful to choose a finish and sealant that does not contain any VOCs.

However if carpet is still an option you would like to consider due to its warmth and great feeling underfoot, natural hypoallergenic materials such as wool are a great option for those living with asthma, eczema and allergies.

To Sum it Up

When choosing what flooring type suits your lifestyle, it can be challenging to decide what is the best long-term investment.

While natural timber floors are considered the pinnacle of luxury flooring, hybrid, engineered timber, and laminate floors are all choices that have risen in popularity due to their cheaper price point and various features such as durability, stability and low maintenance. 

Carpets provide the style and comfort that wooden floors cannot but could be a source of issues such as becoming flat due to excessive wear or causing allergic reactions – for families who have allergies, it is key to do extensive research before purchasing carpet.

If you are still unsure what floor best suits you and your needs, give our team a call to find what suits you best!