The day you finish installing your new floors is one you will never forget. Suddenly, you can better envision your house as a home. Now it’s time to finish the look with home decor – but this is proving to be less simple than imagined. Finishing  a room with balanced style, especially when combining items you already possess along with new purchases, can be quite tough.

That’s why we have written you a simple guide on a few things to consider so you can achieve your dream design.


Apart from floors, walls are the largest blank canvases in your home. For a cohesive and beautiful look, it is critical to choose a wall colour that compliments your new floors. 

Ashy floors complement neutral whites and grey walls well. White wall paint with a yellow undertone compliments yellow flooring, while blue-based whites might stand out unnaturally. 

We recommend always testing paints on a small patch of wall close to the floor to see how they look together after they dry up. 

As natural lighting can greatly affect how colours are displayed in a room, it’s critical to test colours and examine the trial area at different times of day and in different lighting conditions.


Matching your furniture with your new floors requires a good sense of the colour palette and combinations. For example, you should consider if the furniture you select will complement or contrast with your flooring’s colour, especially if the floors are hybrid floors as well.

Many wooden floors include a mix of two or more distinct wood tones. If you want your floors and furniture to match, try to pick colours that will seamlessly work with all the tones of your floors. 


One of our favourite approaches to decorating is to tell a story via décor. Here’s your chance to take your beautiful flooring to the next level by adding a layer of your own personality using curios, rugs and more. Use complementary objects to connect the space together and create a cohesive vibe for the room.

A dark, plush carpet, for example, would look fantastic with a wool throw with a similar texture. Light wicker baskets or dried palm arrangements might also be effective in unifying a space with lighter-coloured wood floors.


When choosing lighting for a place, there are various aspects to consider, one of which is flooring. The correct illumination, such as floor lamps or adjustable pendant lights, can truly bring out the beauty of darker floors.

Lighter wood flooring pairs well with wicker woven pendants, whereas darker ash flooring pairs well with matt black industrial style pendants. When making these options, consider the colour and feel of your flooring as well as the rest of your home.

Spending time and effort to make your floors look their finest is well worth the effort. Here at Silver Trading, we have a terrific team that is always happy to answer any question you may have around your home floor and decor preferences.