Hybrid Flooring Sydney Review for 2022

Consumers are spoilt for choice in 2022 when it comes to quality flooring choices, especially with the latest hybrid boards that are not only stylish but have the look of much-coveted natural timber planks.

Often referred to as the “future of flooring,” the evolution of hybrid floors have made them a much sought after choice for Australian homes.

Understanding Hybrid Floors

Hybrid floors are a multi-layered product that combines the beauty of natural timber, the durability of laminate floors and the water resistance of vinyl floors.

These include a top wear layer that resists dents and scratches, a decorative layer, core board that provides the strength and stability as well as a backing underlay, making this one of the best available flooring options in the market right now.

Differences Between SPC and WPC

The core of hybrid boards are constructed from either a Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) or Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). Both are stable, durable and look fantastic, making them reasonably on par with each other, but they do have slight differences:


These boards are made from 20% polyvinyl chloride and 80% limestone. Although they are slightly harder underfoot, they are extremely durable and a much longer lasting product than WPC.


Made from 30% polyvinyl chloride and 70% recycled wood fibres, WPC is softer underfoot, but is less durable than SPC.

Due to these reasons, Silver Trading solely sells SPC floorboards.

Why Hybrids?

Water Resistance

Spills, leaks, splashes – sound familiar to you? These water issues are extremely common in every day life, especially if you have children or pets. Hybrid floors make this a much easier issue to deal with – with its highly water resistant qualities, these planks are extremely easy to clean up after small accidents.


Hybrid floors are highly resistant to wear and tear and are recommended for not only residential but also commercial areas! This product is highly scratch resistant and with proper care, can last a really long time.


Choosing to lay hybrid planks in your home means never having to compromise on style. Available in a range of textures and looks, hybrid floors allow you to choose any look you want.

Floating Floor

Classified as a floating floor, the hybrid floor’s click-lock system makes it easy to install and can be completed as a DIY project, especially since no nails or glue are required.


The rigid core of hybrid planks and the underlay backing mean less sound is created when walking on the boards. Due to their great acoustics, they are often used on stairs and high foot-traffic areas, especially in homes with multiple stories.


Hybrid boards are made of eco-friendly materials, so they are considered one of the best choices in 2022.

Affordable yet Comfortable Underfoot

Last but not the least, hybrid floors are extremely affordable, coming at just a fraction of what real hardwood floors would cost. Since they are a floating floor, consumers can also save money by not removing the existing structure. In the long term, money is also saved on the low maintenance required.

Built to Last

When choosing flooring, hybrid boards are an exceptionally smart choice because they are built to last. Compared to any other flooring option, hybrids are extremely durable and stable, making it an exceptional option for homes and businesses alike.

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