Flooring is a vital component of any home – it is one of the most significant aspects that characterise any home interior space. Choosing the appropriate floors for your home may be challenging, especially with so many options available in the market today.

Amongst all the flooring options, laminate and hybrid floors are gaining quite a lot of popularity. Sometimes it’s a little hard to tell which flooring option is more suitable for your home, because they both come in with various styles, brands, thickness, patterns and price points. Let’s compare the two to see which is better suited for you!


Laminate floors are available in a broad range of styles and can be utilised in virtually any type of home.

These floors are a durable, easy-to-clean, and low-cost flooring option for families and businesses that are budget aware. With better manufacturing processes and technologies in recent years, laminate floors have become increasingly more water resistant, with some even achieving waterproof status. However, many of the budget friendly options are still just water resistant.


      • Lightweight
      • Affordable
      • Relatively durable
      • Easy installation


    • Not completely waterproof


Hybrid flooring is also gaining popularity in Sydney due to its durability and attractiveness. These are offered in a variety of styles here at Silver Trading to suit different types of decor. 


    • Water resistant
    • Durable
    • They are easy to keep clean and low maintenance
    • Installation is relatively simple


    • More prone to surface scratches compared to laminates
    • Underfoot feel on the colder side

If you want the widest range of hybrid and laminate floors Sydney has to offer, go no further than Silver Trading Flooring. Call us for a no-obligation consultation or visit our brand new showroom in Lidcombe so we can show you all the hybrid and laminate floor options based on your style choice and budget range.