Choosing the right construction finishes for your home may be a difficult task, regardless of whether you are building, remodelling, or conducting minor upgrades.

While cabinets and wall paint colours may be easily altered, flooring is the basis upon which the design of your complete home is built (quite literally), making it hard to change. 

We’ve compiled a list of tips for making the best flooring choice so you don’t have to feel rushed to make a decision.


To begin with, consider the following question: what is the overall deco style of your home? Do you like a relaxed and informal setting, one that is more formal or a modern sleek look?

Lighter wood flooring works well in an open and warm household, but darker wood flooring works better in generating the appearance of a modern and sleek quality home, especially when coupled with black finishes. However, darker flooring in tight areas should be avoided since it might make the space appear to be smaller than it is.


The second question you should ask yourself is, “How do you want to use the space?”. Is it a high-traffic area, or do you want to have parties and other activities there frequently? 

For a high traffic area in the house, hybrid floors may be the perfect choice as they are durable, scratch resistant and highly water resistant.  For those who are more budget conscious,  but still searching for a durable floor, laminate floors are good choices for high traffic areas as well.


Natural light is without a doubt the most beautiful way to showcase the deco and floors in the room. Place floorboard samples under different lighting conditions to see how the floor colour and pattern look in the morning, afternoon, and night. If an area is always under direct sunlight, some floorboards’ colour might fade gradually over 5-10 years. That’s something to consider and consult with our flooring specialists.


Last but not the least, evaluate how the flooring you choose will appear with the furnishings you have. When choosing which floor to install, take into account the style and material of the furniture. This will allow you to make better selections. 

However, don’t be afraid to mix different colours between the floorboards and furniture. Lighter coloured furniture may sometimes look wonderful when contrasted with darker flooring.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the large variety of flooring styles in the showroom. Instead, arm yourself with your homework, preferences in flooring style, budget, and questions, and contact us at the Silver Trading Showroom for assistance in selecting your ideal flooring product.