Choosing a Carpet for the Master Suite

The most appealing choice for bedrooms is a soft, plush carpet that keeps you warm underfoot and gives your oasis an intimate feel.

There is nothing better than feeling the gentleness of carpet underfoot of a morning as your body becomes accustomed to the new day. It promotes a relaxed atmosphere and warmth to the space and, on a practical note, gives acoustic protection.

The carpet specialists at Silvertrading could give some advice on choosing soft carpet for your master suite, and share with you below tips that you should know.

Why Use Carpet in Bedrooms

For many, especially parents, your place of sanctuary is your bedroom. It’s where you go to feel calm, seek rest and escape from the busyness of the day. There’s nothing more relaxing than the luxurious feel of plush, soft carpet.

Your bedroom can gain warmth and softness that other floor types can’t achieve. Given there is less foot traffic in your master suite, you can afford to indulge in the sophistication and velvety piles you get from carpet.

However, in busier areas of your house, like your living areas and hallways, you would steer clear from carpet and get more from a hard floor surface such as laminate or floorboards.

We have seen a lot that consumers are more likely to select a luxurious plush carpet for their bedrooms, especially master suites, than other zones in the home.

Latest Trends in Carpet Colour

The darker shades dominate bedroom carpet colour right now because of the luxurious atmosphere it creates. This is particularly true of master bedrooms where parents are looking to retreat.

Also while taupe and sandy textures dominated, there is diversity in palettes of grey, which look fantastic in bedrooms.

Choosing the Right Colour Scheme

Getting the colour of your carpet to meld well with the remainder of your home is essential. It should complement other textures and shouldn’t clash with the finish and colour of your walls, furniture, bedding and window treatments.

we suggest that our customers should consider all the components of your room and focusing on an aspect you wish to hero before choosing a carpet colour. This assists with not overpowering the hero piece and creating a cohesive look.

or example, if tiny feet and paws run around your bedroom regularly, then mid-tones will help conceal stains and dirt.

Types of Piles

Choosing the right type of pile to suit your lifestyle and interiors is next to consider. Like any decoration, you should determine what style you’re aiming for. 

There are many textures available for purchase – from a loop that will give your master bedroom a coastal look and feel, or perhaps you prefer a twist pile type which is ideal when you have pets.

Density and Height of Carpet Pile

You cannot look past the density and height of the carpet pile. If a luxurious hotel inspires you, a long pile is the best choice. Tighter and shorter piles show less wear, and because it’s harder wearing shows less indentation.

Choices of Material

Carpet is made in a range of materials – nylon, wool, a combination of wool-nylon, along with wool-silk and alpaca combinations. When it comes to material choice, you really cannot go past the luxury of pure wool. It ages beautifully and is the only choice when considering an option that is soft, sustainable and well-insulated. Perhaps one of its most significant features is a low-allergen carpet, making it popular for families with allergies.

We aren’t saying there isn’t value in laying nylon carpet in your bedroom. With advancements in technology, nylons are being made softer and give you the luxurious feel you’re aiming for. Usually, you will find nylon choices more cost-effective, resistant to staining and are hardwearing.

You should also consider the perfect blend of both nylon and wool, where you will experience the softness and natural look of wool and the hardwearing features of nylon. This is a popular choice for busy families.


If you choose a plush carpet,  you need to be aware of shadowing. When this type of carpet is created, the loops are cut, and the ends are sheared. This causes it to look like it has changed in colour when you vacuum or walk over it. For this reason, it is usually recommended that plush be used in quieter areas of the home, such as the master suite. It should be noted that the shading is more noticeable in darker tones compared to lighter shades.

Know Your Choices by Doing Your Homework

There are a plethora of options available when it comes to choosing carpet for your master suite. While the undertaking may be daunting, you can make it easier for yourself should you follow a few of our ideas. We recommend selecting images and materials for the showroom to help you make your final choice. Taking home carpet samples to see how colours look in varying lights and hours of the day is also recommended.

Perhaps one of the most significant steps is to test the carpet for softness. Just simply take your shoes off and sink your toes in.


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