How to choose a carpet

Carpets are often referred to as the ‘fifth wall’. A classic flooring choice, carpets are available in an almost limitless combination of colours, styles and textures, and can easily brighten or soften your entire decoration as you please. When you feel like your room is a bit empty and missing something, as soon as you […]

7 Gorgeous Colours That Go Well With Grey Carpets

Grey is considered a “neutral” color that can be paired with a variety of colors without being overwhelming. Grey carpets are also a popular choice for house decoration because of their versatility and ability to seamlessly integrate into a range of room styles, as well as being more stain resistant than light colored carpets. From […]

Best Carpet Choice for Living Rooms

We are commonly asked what carpet our customers can put in their family and living rooms for durability because it’s a heavily used social hub. People want both style and comfort to be represented that is lasting over time. Why Choose Carpet There are several reasons carpet is the best option for your living room. […]

Protecting Your Carpet with Regular Care

If you take the tie to regularly care and protect your carpet, it can look great for a very long time. Read ahead for tips on how to preserve your carpet. Vacuuming Regularly Vacuum all the carpet in your home or business on a regular and thorough basis, particularly where there is high traffic. This […]

Removing Carpet Stains from Eco+ Carpets

When it comes to removing spills from your Godfrey Hirst Eco+ carpet, it is recommended that you take prompt and immediate attention. The quicker you attend to it, the less likely stains will set into the fibres. We recommend following the procedures below: Eco+ Carpet Cleaning Instructions: 1. Remove as much spill as possible immediately. […]

Flooring Options for when You’re Renovating

Flooring is often one of the last things you think about when renovating because it is challenging in nature. When deciding to upgrade your floors, there will be many decision to make to can be the turning point of your dream home. From interior design, colour schemes, types of materials to use throughout the house […]

Tips on How to Choose the Right Colour Carpet

The colour of your carpet goes a long way towards reflecting the tone of your room, so when choosing a colour, it is essential to consider what is going to work best. Your choice of colour can give your room a cozier or more spacious feel or can feel warmer and cooler with the assistance […]

Best in Carpet Brands Godfrey Hirst

When it comes to some of the best carpet brands in Australia, you can be guaranteed that you are getting the best in quality when you hear the name, Godfrey Hirst.  Without a doubt, it is one of the largest and renowned brands of carpet and flooring products in Australia; it is also widely known […]