When it comes to some of the best carpet brands in Australia, you can be guaranteed that you are getting the best in quality when you hear the name, Godfrey Hirst. 

Without a doubt, it is one of the largest and renowned brands of carpet and flooring products in Australia; it is also widely known and on the top 10 worldwide list of carpet manufacturers in the world. You know without a doubt that when you hear the name, Godfrey Hurst, that you are only getting quality.

Godfrey Hirst founded his business in 1888 in Geelong, Victoria. In the 1960s, the McKendrick family purchased the Godfrey Hirst business and in turn added to their growing company by acquiring Feltex Carpets in 2006, one of the largest makers of carpet in New Zealand. With its biggest factory located in Geelong, the Godfrey Hirst team now have over 1000 employees in Australia and New Zealand combined.

Their success started early and continues to grow because of their comprehensive array of carpets in a wide variety of styles, colours and types of fibre.

When you hear the word luxury, you know that Godfrey Hurst is involved because their carpet is created to be nothing but the best. If you are looking for a remarkable luxury wool carpet to uplift your home, Godfrey Hirst Hycraft is likely to be your only choice because of its natural wool properties that are perfect for any climate. 

During the summer months, Hycraft offers cooling relief and insulates for warmth in winter. This combination makes it the perfect year-round solution to keep your home feel at the right temperature. Hycraft carpet is thoroughly luxurious for any interior living with its earthy, muted tones and rich textures, whether you live in an apartment or grand home.

If your home is busy with children and pets, you will love the Godfrey Hirst ECO+ range. It is made from a newly classified carpet fibre made from triexta. This Eco+ range is perfect for your littlest humans and when your pets have little accidents. It holds up well to these messes because the spills sit on the outside of the fibre, making it easier to clean than other carpets. Cleaning is relatively simple and only requires washing away any spills with cold water. It’s exceptionally durable and soft to touch and is the future in the next-generation carpet.

Godfrey Hirst has evolved from its wool mill into also offering the latest and classic timber and laminate. With the increasing popularity of these materials being used as allergy-friendly options, it was only a matter of time that one of the best flooring specialists would also see the value in it.

Quality meets price with the Godfrey Hirst laminate that has the natural touch, feel and look that is nearly identical to hardwood planks. Technology has opened up many possibilities and which has made it possible to achieve the same look and feel as hardwood but in the practical material of laminate. It will hold up to long-term everyday wear and tear with the latest 5G locking system, which means both little and big feet will feel happy with the laminate underfoot.

Timber floorings made by the Godfrey Hirst team come in an array of specs, which includes a variety of colours, finishes, widths and thickness. Whatever style your interior design is, the Godfrey Hirst timber range will match the colour and style of your home and always complimenting your furniture, elevating your design to a whole new level.

Godfrey Hirst goes beyond residential carpet and offers a range of quality practical industrial broadloom carpet, woven carpets and one of the most popular carpet tiles that look visually stunning. The carpet tiles are straightforward to lay, which makes the Godfrey Hirst Landscape as a durable and affordable option for commercial businesses.

Godfrey Hirst continues to be industry leaders in superior customer service, innovation and design, and this doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. The name is synonymous across Australia and is trusted when it comes to adding flooring to your new or existing home.

Visit the Silver Trading Timber Flooring showroom to enjoy the look and feel of our Godfrey Hirst products and see for yourself the quality it represents.

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