We are commonly asked what carpet our customers can put in their family and living rooms for durability because it’s a heavily used social hub. People want both style and comfort to be represented that is lasting over time.

Why Choose Carpet

There are several reasons carpet is the best option for your living room. It has many benefits beyond the cosiness and softness it emulates. Carpet is also a popular choice because of its durability, the wide range of colours it is available it, and it’s relatively easy to maintain.


Durability is an essential consideration when selecting carpet for the living room. A quick and easy way to test durability when shopping for carpet is to bend the sample backwards. If it is a low-quality carpet, the backing shows easily and is of a low density. This means the carpet will have a reduced lifespan. Durable carpet can still be soft and plus for lying on or for children to crawl around on.

Options for Carpet Fibres

Depending on the look you are aiming for your living room, there are several ways you can get the feel you want from the carpet fibres readily available on the market.

Triexta is newer on the market, and in the creation, its fibres have remnants of corn sugar. It’s quite luxurious and soft, with superior anti-stain properties that make it durable and perfect for family living. Triexta comes in a range of beautifully soft pastel colours, including lime, lavender, olive greens, turquoise blue and neutral browns. The Godfrey Hirst Eco+ range is one the most famous Triexta carpets in the market now.

One the market today, Solution Dyed Nylon and Nylon Carpets are the most resilient. This range of carpet has been treated with the protection of sophisticated stain resistant, making it a must for a busy home. Its resilience against fading and retention of colour makes it a solid choice for your home.

Polypropylene and Advanced Technology Polypropylene is also stain-resistant, and its ability to repel stains makes it perfect for a home with children and pets. While it isn’t as lasting as other carpet fibres, it is an affordable option for a quick renovation.

You cannot go any further than the beauty of Wool Carpet. This type of carpet is at the top tier and is considered the best that money can buy, which makes it expensive. Wool carpet keeps the home warm during winter and cooler in the summer with a luxury look and feel. It also retains its original shape because it bounces back well after compression.

The outstanding features of wool carpet don’t stop there, its organic, subtle appearance is beautiful along with its neutral colour pallet. Wool carpet is also made in the trending style of “chunky loop’ that creates a statement in your home.

For homes with open fireplaces, wool carpet acts as a natural fire retardant which gives you peace of mind on those cooler winter nights.

Wool is absorbent so acts as a natural moisture controller which helps keep homes where there is humidity, dry. Alternatively, when the air is dry, the fibres from wool carpet release moisture and help keep balanced moisture levels in the home.

It is essential to remember that wool does shed which means spending time vacuuming for the first few weeks after your carpet is first installed. This is not reoccurring, so you can be reassured that it will stop eventually.

Wool Carpet ticks all the boxes for a healthy home because it also has hypoallergenic properties.

Carpet Colours

One of your most significant considerations when choosing a carpet is colour, especially when considering other hues throughout the home.

Often, people go with neutral options which are considered safe because it doesn’t age as quickly. If your furnishings are in bold colours, then neutral will definitely work seamlessly throughout the home.

It is quite the personalised decision when choosing a carpet for your living area that is influenced by your theme and decor. Other considerations include rooms light exposure and the placement of furniture. If you have a busy home with lots of foot traffic, pets and children, then the darker carpet might be your choice because it hides the spills better. A light carpet may show the shedding of your furry friends.

We have a huge range of carpets for you to choose from for your living room. These range from light and darker tones, although most people choose from neutral colours. No matter what your choice of carpet, it needs to have ongoing maintenance in the form of vacuuming to keep it looking fresh and new.

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