Bedroom Carpet: What’s the Best Choice?

Carpet has always been most homeowners’ ideal choice for bedroom flooring. The plush luxurious feeling and warmth that comes with it can elevate any living space from just a room into your own personal oasis. Maybe you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, or perhaps add a little sophistication to your room as well as warmth and acoustic protection.

Well you have come to the perfect place to find your dream carpet – to help you make your decisions we have collated a list of factors you must consider when choosing your flooring for your bedroom.

Why should you choose carpet for your bedroom?

A classic bedroom in Australia has always carpeted – and this is with good reason. For many of us, the bedroom, especially the master suite, is a sanctuary where we go to rest and recharge after a long day at work, dealing with the kids or grappling with household chores. You want your bedroom to be all about relaxation and nothing says it better than the feel of soft, cosy carpet underfoot. Carpet not only adds a layer of softness and warmth to your room which cannot be achieved with hard flooring but can also reduce acoustic sounds that could potentially disturb your rest.

Unlike other parts of your home such as your hallways, stairs and living rooms which can become quite busy, bedrooms have much lower foot traffic which means lower wear and tear. This opens up many more sophisticated and luxurious options such as oversized loop-piles or even velvety piles which would not last in high-traffic areas. These options can add a touch of elegance and warmth to your bedroom for that extra elevation in style.

Inspired Colour Trends for Bedrooms

Anyone interested in interior design will know that colour trends change over time which is why easily adaptable mid-tones are a great choice. These colours are also an excellent choice for children’s rooms or areas where pets will frequent as they can disguise dust and stains, helping your carpets look new for longer.

However, recently darker hues and light shades have also gained popularity – these colours are a great way to add a sense of luxury and sophistication to the room as well as creating contrast from other rooms.

Carpet colour should match the overall look of your sleep quarters and compliment the elements of the room. These include:

  • Wall colour and finish
  • Windows treatments
  • Bed linen
  • Furniture style

Our best tip is to choose a carpet colour that complements an accent piece in your room while at the same time not overpower it. Most importantly, you should always start with a rough idea of what you imagine your ideal bedroom to be like to help guide you. Ask yourself whether you want a layered look, a bright, warm or luxurious look, how you want your carpet to feel underfoot and what kind of texture you are hoping for.

Pile Types

The pile of your carpet is an extremely essential point to consider when choosing your dream bedroom carpet. To decide what kind of pile you should buy, remember to consider your decorating style and what the overall look you wish to achieve is.

For example, if you are aiming for a luxurious look, plush and twist styles are ideal. However, a textured space would benefit from a loop or textured carpet. Loop-pile can also look great for a casual vibe which would suit a laid back teenager’s space.

At Silver Trading, we have a large variety of piles that come in various colours and textures where you can easily find a carpet that suits your needs.

Height and Density of Carpet Pile

The last factor you should consider when choosing your bedroom carpet is it’s height and density. For the ultimate luxury, you wouldn’t want to go past a long, plush pile. However for busier areas, you’re more likely to want a shorter tight pile that is harder wearing and will leave less indentation and wear.

Material Choices

There are various materials you can choose from when it comes to choosing carpet, each with its varying levels of comfort. These include:

  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Wool-nylon mixes
  • Alpaca
  • Wool-silk mixes

There is no doubt that it’s hard to beat pure wool for softness, luxury and graceful aging. Wool has natural, sustainable and insulating properties to make it easy to maintain; along with being low allergen and beautifully soft – it’s hard to go past it as a choice.

However, this doesn’t mean that nylons don’t have their place, especially the latest solution-dyed options which are of excellent quality. Technological advances are taking synthetic carpets and enhancing them to become softer and much more luxurious than in the past. On the whole, they are more cost-efficient, hardwearing and stain-resistant than pure wool.

For the best of both worlds, a wool-nylon blend is an excellent choice. It not only has the natural appeal of wool but also has the hardwearing characteristics of synthetic carpet, making it an ideal choice, especially for large families.

Other Concerns

If plush carpets are your ideal choice of carpet, one concern you should keep in mind is shading. To create plush carpets, loops are cut and the tips of fibres are sheared. This makes it susceptible to shading – when there is a difference in colour when you walk or vacuum over the carpet. This is particularly noticeable in darker colours.


Arm Yourself with Information

We understand that making a choice for your bedroom carpet can be daunting – with so many options, it can sometimes be confusing. To help you out, visit our showroom where our staff can help you come to a decision as to which carpet will best suit your needs.

If you are able to collate a few images or an inspiration board, this will help our staff understand your vision and recommend the best carpet for you.

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