A Simple Guide to Keeping Hybrid Floors Clean

Dust, debris, hair, spills. Just the ordinary things that you have to clean from your floors. Lucky for you, you’ve installed one of the easiest flooring options to care for and maintain, so they can easily look great for decades! Follow these simple guidelines and your floors will be sparkling for years to come.

Before we look at how to best care for your boards ongoing, let’s look at what they are and their features.

A Guide to Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid floors are comprised of four layers that include a wear layer, decorative layer, core and a backing underlay.

The core is available in Stone Plastic Composites (SPC) and Wood Plastic Composites (WPC). While similar, SPC is much more durable and stable compared to WPC, so Silver Trading only supplies SPC boards.

The following are the most popular choices among consumers:

Hybrid Floor Features

There are many features that make hybrid floors the ideal choice for many homes, one of them being how easy they are to maintain. Aside from this, hybrid floor boards are also:

-Water resistant– great for any area in the house, even areas prone to splash.

-Stylish– available in a range of textures and patterns that emulate the look of natural timber and stone.

-Floating– its click-lock system makes it easy to install, and can be installed over existing surfaces.

-Absorb sound– with its rigid core and underlay, the sound is absorbed, making them ideal for stairs and multi-level homes and businesses.

-Eco-friendly – made from eco-friendly materials for consumers who prefer sustainable products.

Pre-Emptive Cleaning Tips

Reducing the amount of time spent cleaning and maintaining your hybrid boards can be managed by employing methods that minimise the amount of dirt and wear and tear they’re exposed to. 

Door Mats

Well placed doormats, particularly where the children come in from the yard, help reduce the amount of dirt and leaves that make their way inside.

Padding Under Furniture

Placing padding under chairs, table legs, couches, and cabinets will help ease any scratching that could occur, especially when moving furniture around.

The Best Ways to Clean Hybrid Floors


Sometimes, all you need to keep your floor free from dirt is regularly sweeping. It is most effective if you use soft, synthetic bristles so that it’s gentle on your surfaces.


Using a vacuum regularly is an effective solution for keeping surfaces well maintained and clean. Again, a soft head is ideal to avoid scratching the top layer. Robot vacuums also work well and are user friendly, saving you time. 


Mopping takes a little thought and care to ensure you don’t compromise your hybrid boards. The cloth or mop shouldn’t be too wet – just a damp mop is enough.

Regularly mopping or scrubbing your floors helps rid any dried residue, stains and spills. We recommend:

-Wipe spills straight away– as soon as water or other liquids spill, wipe it away to avoid staining.

-Use natural cleaners– avoid cleaners with an acidic base as they will wear down the planks faster than a pH neutral cleaner.

Can a Hybrid Floor be Steam Mopped?

Hybrid floors must never be exposed to steam mopping, waxing, lacquering, sanding or polishing. A steam mop can cause the planks to swell and fade due to the high temperatures. Given these mops exceed 120°C in temperature and that it’s not recommended to use anything higher than 70°C on these floors, steam mops must not be used.

When it comes to caring for your hybrid floors, the best course of action is regular, gentle cleaning to maintain the integrity of your boards. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping are all recommended to keep the dirt and dust at bay.