Grey is considered a “neutral” color that can be paired with a variety of colors without being overwhelming. Grey carpets are also a popular choice for house decoration because of their versatility and ability to seamlessly integrate into a range of room styles, as well as being more stain resistant than light colored carpets.

From silvery shades to darker hues, grey carpets are typically used in two ways — as a stand-alone palette or to create a neutral canvas for the addition of cool or warm colour accents in walls, furniture, and accessories.

But what are the benefits of grey carpet? And what are the colours that go with grey carpets?

Benefits of grey carpets

The grey carpet itself looks calm and serene. Besides, it can also add aesthetic qualities to the whole style of your decoration. And there are a range of other advantages of neutral colored carpets like grey, and they should be the things you consider when selecting your home decor. They are:

  • Versatile — grey carpets can take on a range of personalities and add a touch of sophistication to a room when paired with ivory walls, or can give bright statement walls some extra pop.
  • Timeless — they can be styled with virtually any interior, so they have a longer life and won’t need to be replaced with changing style or design trends, so it will maximise the ROI of your renovation budget.
  • An investment — they offer mass appeal and suit a wide range of design tastes, which will attract more potential buyers if you choose to sell your home in the future.

Complementary Colours


Lighter tones of grey gives a sense of tranquility in the bedroom or lounge, minimizing distractions and create an atmosphere of comfort, calm and relaxation. And different light colours can create a pop of subtle ambience and contrast, consider adding beige, white, or even lighter shades of green or blue to your furniture and accessories to match and reveal a different visual aesthetic, a good choice in home decoration.


When paired with grey, the reddish shades of pink can add a luxurious elegance, adding some lovely and romantic colors to the original calm and collected atmosphere. Especially when combined with a colour like cadet grey and blue undertones, they are ideal for areas around bedrooms and bathrooms, while soft greens can add a natural freshness that will make your home decor look gentle and serene.


Blue is one of the strongest hues of the colour psychology spectrum, and visually it can give a fresh, tranquil feeling. Residential interior space can choose grey as dominant color, such as a sofa in dark grey, with lake blue cushions and dark grey carpet, and decorating with lake blue wall decorative paintings, flower bouquets and other soft decorations, simple but interesting. Such a combination can create balance and evoke a sense of confidence and success, creating a modern style interior space.


Green is the most vital one of all the colors,, with its innate freshness and naturalness, but at the same time can interpret an elegant and subdued vintage look. The green color symbolizes the revival of everything, also brings vitality. Different green colors give people different perceptions, but its unconventional temperament is always fascinating to see, fresh or classical, simple or noble. Combining it with a silvery carpet colour and add vivid plant life to invigorate the space. For a funky, sophisticated edge, pair softer grey coloured carpet with bright pops of lime or aqua.


In color psychology, yellow is associated with vitality, happiness and optimism. Yellow as a glossy color can give a bright and pleasant feeling and can set a cheerful residential atmosphere. From hues of lemon to pastel shades, it is always unquestionably vibrant. Pick pale yellow sofa chairs, sitting chairs, curtain fabric in furniture, and then choose a soft shade of grey carpet, and match it with green plants and dark blue soft decoration, which can produce a refreshing daily life with an artistic sense of shape.


If you want a romantic and sweet home, then try a sweet orange as your main color palette. Orange is all about joy, fun and optimism, and it brings creativity to a calm environment. The orange lines, which are both decorative and cleverly guide the movement of the interior, inject a touch of fluidity and vitality into the entire home. If you feel that too much orange is too lively, you can lay the whole room in classic black, white and grey as the base color, with appropriate light wood and light grey to neutralize the orange. With the sweet orange, the whole home injected vitality and temperature.


Red is one of the more dramatic colours and one of the most alluring colors to inspire emotions. It evokes a sense of enthusiasm, hope and forward motion, while deep red is usually a symbol of elegance and class. It is also ideal for home offices and creative spaces when combined with almost any shade of grey carpet, and it has beautiful “sister” shades, including crimson and burgundy. Cool tones create an elegant look, while fiery reds such as tomato red evoke energy, excitement and passion.

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