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Sydney’s Flooring Specialist

Established in 2009, Silver Trading Timber Flooring has provided quality flooring and carpet to Sydney households and businesses for over a decade. Along with fast and professional installation from our highly experienced team, we help you with your flooring solutions from start to finish.

Wide Range of Carpet & Flooring Products to Choose From

Spacious rambler home interior with vaulted ceiling


French glass doors allow a quick exit to the outside


Recent Blogs

Walking on the Soft Side: Your Guide to Types of Carpet

Walking on the Soft Side: Your Guide to Types of Carpet As far as floor coverings go, carpet has long been the choice for Australian homes. From Axminster designs in the 1800s, the 60s shag pile and the beautiful feel of the sisal-style which is extremely popular today, carpet is an excellent choice for insulation, as […]

Answering All Your Questions on Godfrey Hirst eco+ Carpet

Answering All Your Questions on Godfrey Hirst eco+ Carpet Recently, we have received many questions about the Godfrey Hirst eco+ Carpet range. To help you better understand the product, we have put together a list of the most asked questions! 1. What is the best carpet for me? To answer this question, you first need to […]

Bedroom Carpet: What’s the Best Choice?

Bedroom Carpet: What’s the Best Choice? Carpet has always been most homeowners’ ideal choice for bedroom flooring. The plush luxurious feeling and warmth that comes with it can elevate any living space from just a room into your own personal oasis. Maybe you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, or perhaps add a little sophistication […]

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What People Are Saying

Silvertrade team are very professional when providing their advice on flooring choices. they are very quick on providing quote and gave us competitive price. installation is superb. Love their work and our new floors.

Alan C

The sales manager is a nice guy. Provided good recommendation for our carpet. very pleased with the new carpet in our living room.

John M

The guys at silver trade are very professional. They have a large range of timber floors and carpets. Price was pretty reasonable too.

Michael S